Interview with coflek-gnorg, Vendor of the Month for February 2021

Feb 13, 2021 at 01:27 pm by gToon

Our Renderosity Vendor of the Month for February 2021 is the amazing Coflek-Gnorg. He is a top-selling exclusive vendor at Renderosity and has an incredible collection of creations on offer in his store. He tends to do a lot of science-fiction themed creations like the Pulp Scifi Chair and the entire off world Colony series. We love how detailed and alive his work is. Coflek-Gnorg has been a member of Renderosity since 2003 and has over 300 very cool creations for sale in his burgeoning marketplace store.

Coflek-Gnorg has generously answered (in his own unique style) a few questions we put to him about his background and work. We've also created a short video gallery which features 10 pieces from his really cool store. We hope you enjoy them. 

Interview with Coflek-Gnorg

Renderosity: Tell us about yourself. What is your background?

Coflek-Gnorg: Looking back, three films I watched as a boy in the mid-80s are largely responsible for my love of sci-fi: Star Wars, Blade Runner and Mad Max. Each one was a different sub-genre and most of my models have been more or less inspired by those: space opera, cyber-punk and post-ap. Of course, it is also a great pleasure for me to combine them into some hybrid theme and let my imagination run wild.

Here’s a wild question: If you could travel back in time to your younger self, what advice would you give him?

Speaking of going back in time, I would advise my younger self not to give up on drawing with a pencil. That would help a lot today, especially when working on sketches of my models. As it is, I just doodle a few lines on paper, then switch immediately to 3D Max... with the model-and-delete process on repeat, because the result doesn’t always look like the thing I imagined.

I guess actual drawing would save me a lot of time, because I spend a whole lot of it modelling products for Renderosity. Truth be told, modelling is only half the job. The other, more difficult half is texturing and material-making, since I make models for both Poser Firefly and Superfly render engines, as well as DAZ Studio Iray.

And how has Renderosity made a difference in your life as an artist and merchant?

I have been publishing models on Renderosity for nearly 16 years, and for the past 10 it’s been my full-time job. Unlike my previous job, which was also related to 3D modelling, now I only have to listen to myself and my customers. Most importantly, there are no deadlines! 

It’s not just about earning for a living, but also the pleasure of creation and presentation. It makes me really happy to see my works in galleries, turned into real masterpieces by some artists, because that’s the thing I find most difficult in my creative process: making promotional images for my products. 


Many thanks to one of my favorite vendors, Congratulations on VOM and keep those great models coming !
You're the coolest!
Very cool and know those 3 films very well. Yep, they inspire me in a lot of ways as well and I guess that makes a lot of sense now in why I love a lot of your creations. Thank you for doing what you do and providing us with the items to make our visions come to life.
Coflek-Gnorg is by far my favourite vendor and all-round great guy. A little known fact is that in real life he drives an ice-cream van covered in human skulls, which makes him even more awesome. 🚌💭
I've been a Huge Coflek-Gnorg fan from the beginning. Love those aged, lived-in materials.He's a true master at that!
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