Interview with Arteandreas, February Artist of the Month

Feb 13, 2021 at 01:00 pm by gToon

Arteandreas is our artist of the month for February 2021. This artist has been a member of Renderosity since 2003. His gallery is filled with delightful portraits of surreal animals, people and scenes. He has a great sense of humor which comes through in his work. Andreas has this to say about himself on his biography page: 
I have been working for more than 30 years as a freelance artist in the field of painting. For about 2 years I am working with digital art and have therefore the possibility to create my fantasy worlds. So far I have created various CD covers with my digital works and accompany visually the concerts of a famous musician of electronic music.
If you would like to know more about Arteandreas we've conducted a short interview (see below) where the artist goes into more detail about his life and work. And enjoy the video gallery above which features 10 works from his excellent gallery 

Interview with Arteandreas

Renderosity: You mention in your bio that you have been a painter for 3 decades but only recently moved to digital art: what has the transition been like for you. What to you miss (if anything) in painting and tell us a little about your background: how did you learn to become an artist and what has influenced you?


Arteandreas: I studied fine arts in the field of painting at a German university. During my studies I started making exhibitions and after graduating I went to Madrid as a scholarship holder. I felt very comfortable in Spain and after a 1 year scholarship I stayed in Madrid for 20 years. Most of the time I lived in Spain as a freelance artist and I had my own customer base for my paintings. When the economic crisis began in Spain, it became more and more difficult for me to survive and that's why I decided to return to Germany.

Unfortunately, my health deteriorated over time and it became difficult for me to stand at an easel for hours. So I was forced to find another way to meet my need for creativity. Since I've always worked with the computer, it made sense to create art with the computer as well.

So I started to look around what options there are. I started with the fractal program Mandelbulber and first created countless fractal images. After a while, however, I lacked direct influence on the scenery of the fractal images and I started with the DAZ and Maxon Cinema 4D programs. It took me about two months to work intensively with the program functions of Cinema 4D and then I was able to set up my first own scenes.

Due to my many years of experience in painting, I naturally had advantages and so it was not very difficult for me to realize my art in a new medium. Meanwhile, I do not miss the painting more, painting is more direct and tactile, but ultimately counts is the final result and not the tools you need to get to the results.

Your work has a surrealist/fantasy quality to it. How did you come to like this subject/style?

Arteandreas: I don't know if my work belong to these styles, because actually I only visualize what I enjoy. My personal taste in the visual arts is wide-ranging, I have no clear style preferences and I love the works of very different artists. I learned a lot from the old masters, about composition, lighting, coloring, etc., nevertheless I don't work like an old master, but I use the knowledge I have gained from their pictures to use them for my own works That's why I think it's very important to look at the works of other artists in order to understand their views of the world, but not to copy them.

In general I am interested in all styles and my insatiable hunger for pictures often leads to new discoveries and also to new influences for my own pictures.

The goddess of blind faith 
What tools do you use for creating digital art?

Arteandreas: At the moment I mainly use DAZ to create and position figures. I import these figures into Cinema 4D where I set up the entire scenery. In Cinema I also do the texturing and lighting, as this program offers a lot more options to go into detail. At the beginning I tried very hard to learn modeling, then I discovered the importance of textures and meanwhile I know that good lighting is one of the most important and difficult means that you should definitely master. In addition, I use the CrazyBump Proffesional program to quickly create normal maps and bump maps and RizomUV to create UV maps. Both programs are highly recommended.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your life as an artist?

Arteandreas: I don't have the time to produce everything myself, that's why shops like Renderosity are important to me. They enable me to realize a picture idea much faster and I enjoy that. When I think about how much money I used to spend on the material I needed in painting, then it is completely normal to invest in models that can often be used several times. Of course, I have my favorites at ReRo, such as 1971s, ShaaraMuse3D, Flink, 3DClassics, etc., of which I have a lot in my content and which have never disappointed me. In addition, I also find ReRo important, as there are fewer and fewer reputable providers of 3D models with reasonable pricing.



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