Gallery of the Week - The Digital Comics Gallery

Jan 11, 2021 at 10:00 am by gToon

Transylvania County page 1 by Jconder 

Our Renderosity gallery of the week is the excellent Digital Comics gallery. This is a fairly new gallery at renderosity with over 5500 works posted to the gallery since its inception. The look and style of digital comics art in this gallery reflects the wide range of interests and imaginations of Renderosity artists.
One artist in particular raises the bar for everyone in this gallery is SeanE who posts regularly. His work is on par with any professional digital comics artist working today. Be sure to look for his work in our video. We've chose 10 works from the Digital Comics gallery for this video. We hope you enjoy it.
You can visit the gallery for more comics at the link below

Here are 10 artists we've chosen from the Digital Comics Gallery. Click the artists name to see more of their work.


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