Interview with FrozenStar, January Artist of the Month

Jan 14, 2021 at 10:00 am by gToon

Our January 2021 Artist of the Month is FrozenStar (real life name Andreea). She is a 20-year-old student living in Romania. Andreea loves digital art and is essentially self-taught. She has a real talent for photo-manipulation as you can see in her excellent gallery. We love the way she uses dramatic poses combined with vibrant and bold colors in her scenes. They are full of life. 
Andreea took time to talk with us about her work and background in the short interview below. We appreciate help and and enthusiasm for making this interview possible. 
Congratulations, Andreea, on being voted the Artist of the Month for January 2021!

Interview with FrozenStar

Renderosity: You have such a skill in creating deep color contrasts and striking images: how did you develop this skill? What is your background as n artist?

 I'm a self-taught digital artist specialized in photomanipulation. I got started with Photoshop back in high school, making different graphics like forum signatures, avatars and desktop backgrounds for myself and friends. Little bit of touching up photos for print aswell, also for closed ones. Then I discovered an art community, saw what others could make of photomanipulation so I started looking into using stock photographs to put my ideas on canvas and create intricate artworks like others did.

What tools do you use regularly and what is your workflow on a typical project?

FrozenStar: I have been using Photoshop since CS2 launched and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, though admitedly I have a newer version available these days. It's my go-to for all arts projects. I also seldomly use Poser for rendering 3D objects to incorporate into my photomanipulations and rarely Illustrator.

What artists or things inspire you?

FrozenStar: If we're counting artists, there are too many to name. I admire artists like Katarina Sokolova, Karok Bak, Melanie Delon or Victoria Frances. All different and unique with their distinctive art styles that are easily recognizable. I don't feel I fit a style since I go where inspiration draws me, be it a sci-fi or gothic artwork the next day. As for things that inspire me, everything does. Emotions, sights, physical objects, everything can be a source of inspiration. You just have to stop and see it most times.


"Have fun with it. It's easy to feel pressure and lose the passion when trying to meet deadlines as a freelancer"


How has Renderosity made a difference in your work?

FrozenStar: I would not be half the artist I am today save for Renderosity. The tablet I am using to make my art pieces was won way back in 2012 during a holiday contest and is still my trusted partner when it comes to creating art. I could not paint without it, though I also try for semi-realistic ooks that don't require that many painted details.

Do you have any advice for artists who are starting out in 2D creation?

FrozenStar: Follow your heart. That's what I did. And practice, practice, practice. Before you know it the clients will be coming your way because they like your style, creativity and vision. I never really saw myself as 'an artist' until the first publishing house contacted me for publishing rights to one of my artworks, and many came to follow.

Do the art traditions in your country (Romania) impact your work or are you more interested in world art?

FrozenStar: Yes, in a way. Digital art isn't really recognized as art in my home country, it's still old-fashioned focused on traditional media. But luckily we live in a modern world with access to internet so it's easier to stay up to date with modern arts worldwide and technologies.

You mention in your bio you love tv show in your bio: have any shows inspired you?

FrozenStar: Yes they have. I take bits and pieces from all forms of entertainment be it tv, games, music, movies or books and I kind of blend them all together into one piece. But if you're wondering about something specific based on tv, there's my Game of Thrones fanart piece titled 'Mother of Dragons' or 'Ember' which was based on Shadowhunters.

Any final thoughts you have on art and creativity in general?

FrozenStar: Have fun with it. It's easy to feel pressure and lose the passion when trying to meet deadlines as a freelancer. But look at it as hobby before work and you'll have more fun with it for sure. For me sitting down doing Photoshop is absolutely the most relaxing part of my day, no matter what my project might be.


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