Interview with Hameleon, Vendor of the Month January 2021

Jan 08, 2021 at 09:00 am by gToon

Our January 2021 Vendor of the Month is one of the most popular vendors in the Renderosity marketplace - hameleon. Anton (his real-life name) lives in Russia with his family, but as he's quoted in the interview below, "Renderosity is my home". He has won the VOM before and it's easy to see why - his work is original, sexy and full of style. We love his creations whether they are clothing, poses or even 3D architecture/rooms. He has over 100 3D assets and models in his store. 
We are reprinting a recent interview with hameleon and adding an update so you'll know what he's working on presently. Also, be sure to watch the video above which features 10 of his popular store items. 
Thank you, Anton, and congratulations for winning the Vendor of the Month for January 2021!

Interview with hameleon

Renderosity: Tell us about your self, what is you background?

Hameleon: My name is Anton. I'm 49 y.o. man. I have a beautiful wife and daughter. They are my angels and my happiness. I live in Russia, in the ancient city of Smolensk. Life is good.

Why did you become a digital artist?

Hameleon: I became a digital artist because it is a logical continuation of my life's main hobby. In childhood and adolescence, I painted with pencil and watercolor. Now I use Photoshop and 3D programs.

Digital art has no limits. I can’t even imagine what it will be in the future, for example in 10 years we'll see...

What are some of your favorite projects in your store?

Hameleon: My favorite product it's my first product "Canyon for Poser" was made in 2010. Now Canyon 2.0 versions for Poser and DS available in my store.

Please pay attention at my Daz products too: Scary road" poses, Fear Expressions, and Tease III poses.

How has renderosity made a difference in your life?

Hameleon: Renderosity completely changed my life. It is my work since 2010.
It doesn’t matter where I live, or what the weather is outside, because I am here and now - with you all. Renderosity is my home!

What projects are you working on now?

Hameleon: I'm working on new clothing for Genesis 8 Geometry Shell. Yoga/Sport style pants almost ready. Also, military style camouflage pants on the way. And Jeans for Genesis 8 almost ready - they will be pretty good! Also, right at this time we are working with sonada on beautiful Long Hair. This hair will be soon.

Who are some of the artists at Renderosity that you admire?

Hameleon: For a long time i'm watching artwork of Jessaii and Lyoness artists here, at Renderosity. Also i like artwork of x7, BellaDark and Nyala.

What are some of the 3D programs you use in addition to Photoshop? 

Hameleon: In addition to Photoshop i'm using Nvidia plugin to create quality Normal maps from photos, Bump or Diffuse maps. Nvidia Normal Map Filter plugin for Photoshop. I can recommend this for everyone who want to make quality Normal maps.


Congratulations for being chosen as VOM and thank you for the inerview. I've never understood about normalmaps what it is that they will do. By looking at the filter from Nvidia it's clearly explained!
Congratulations my friends for a well deserved honor.
76claudia2205, poisinivy, thank you! poisinivy your artwork is awesome!
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