Gallery of the Week - The POSER Gallery 2

Dec 20, 2020 at 06:31 pm by gToon

she dreamed of paradise by poser4me


The Poser Gallery 2 


Our gallery of the week for the week of December 21, 2020, is, once again, the Renderosity Poser Gallery. With so many great artists using Poser at Renderosity we felt that only choosing 10 does an injustice to the gallery. So we chose another 10 artists from the Poser gallery for this week as well. 

There are over 350,000 posts in this fabulous gallery and there are so many great artists posting that it's almost impossible to pick just 10. However, we chose another 10 artists that we think represent the Poser gallery well. You can always drop in and visit the Poser gallery yourself to pick your own 10!



The Gallery of the Week Artists

Here are another 10 artists we've chosen from the The Poser Gallery. Click the artists name to see more of their work.


Half Way Out Of The Dark by uncollared 


Dance or fight? by kelchris3 


Elf Goodies by Jollyself 


Santa by Gisela 


Headaches by artdreamer 


Whami Woes by MajinBoo 


Friends' night out by Afrodite-Ohki


First Woman in Poserdom to Receive the New Vaccine by generation2235


A Christmas Tale by aqua1955


Discoveries by hornet3d 


Negasi, Tribal Princess by Deecey 


Happy Holidays by CNorth 



I've been so preoccupied lately I hadn't even noticed I made artist of the week with one of images. Thank you for included me with this talented group of artists. Congrats to everyone else
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