Artist of the Month for December 2020 - RadiZ

Dec 01, 2020 at 01:18 pm by gToon


Our Artist of the Month for December 2020 is RadiZ. It was a verytight vote and the competition was high, but RadiZ came out on top. Congratulations to you, RadiZ. And thanks to everyone who voted. 

 Short bio: My real name is Rune Kringelhede, I was born in Denmark 09 August 1965, where I grew up with 3 older siblings 2 brothers and one sister, in a small country house, my father was a “spare time” painter, who besides his regular job, made abstract paintings ( oil on canvas ) he became rather well known in DK, and some of his paintings hangs in the house of parliament, as well of other official buildings, art museums and galleries. There is no doubt, that I have been inspired by my old man back then, but it was first many years later that I began making 3D and computer graphics ( I usually made hand drawings, pencil on paper when I was younger ) for a short time I worked as a DTP for a local firm, making folders, flyers, posters and so, also worked as a web-developer / designer for some years. my experience with 3D ( Poser, Bryce, Carrara and Shade ) is still rather superficial, but it is my best time spent and I couldn’t live without it

                                             We’ll be posting a short interview with RadiZ and a video gallery in the near future. In the       meantime, visit RadiZ’s gallery page of his works. Stay tuned!



Urban Style by RadiZ 




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