Vendor of the Month for September 2020 - Sangriart

Sep 03, 2020 at 02:01 pm by 3DFineries


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Arry for Genesis 8 Female by Sangriart

The Vendor of the Month for September 2020 is


Sangriart has won the Vendor of the Month several times now. She is a top-selling vendor with a talent for portraits both realistic and historical. Her work is detailed and covers a wide range of subjects, although her main focus is female portraiture. Sangriart also features some amazing morphs in her store which enable users to create some delicate and subtle poses.

We congratulate Sangriart on winning the Sepetember Vendor of the Month for 2020. We are working on a short interview with Sangriart and a video gallery which is coming soon!

The Countess for Genesis 8 Female

Visit Sangriart's store to see more of this vendor's unique and creative work!


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