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is our August 2020 Artist of the Month. He joined Renderosity in 2004. Over the years aerodreams has attracted over 130 followers. His gallery is packed with beautiful and haunting scenes created with intense passion and dedication to detail. A self-taught artist, aerodreams works diligently to improve her skills and widen her creative ideas. He is a real inspiration.

We were fortunate to get aerodreams to interview for this article. He is a French language speaker, so this is a translation. Aerodreams has a wonderful personal website which features a lot of his work, especially his air-brush art. You can visit his website here.

Interview with Aerodreams

Renderosity: You mention in your bio that you are a painter. I can see it in your work. How did you become a painter? And how do you transfer this skill to digital art?

Aerodreams: Since childhood, I have always loved art. I started with portraits in dry pastels, then very quickly, I wanted to redraw all the images and or ideas that I had in mind, but do not know how to draw very well. I had to improvise with photos taken on magazines, then the computer came on the scene, thanks to computer graphics magazines, I managed to get free Poser 3 and Mind View 3 (Now I have the licenses). Then of course Photoshop. Now I prepare my canvases with the pc, drawings, sketches and create my stencils.

One of my favorite images in your gallery is "the legend of mandgadfor". Tell us how you came to create this image ??

Aerodreams: This whole image was created under a creator viewpoint with characters from daz studio and Poser11. I was looking to do a scene in a desert, I had just purchased the powerage product "mandgafor" the choice was quickly imposed, after a long work of placement, lighting, cameras, atmospheres finally a very long rendering more than 10 hours, I made the choice to leave it as it is, just minor touch-ups in Photoshop like the moons brushes; "the legend of mandgafor" was born. I work like this by intuition, sometimes feeling the image is already clearly in my head, other times the image is built gradually.

Who are the artists who inspired you?

Aerodreams: There are many: rodney matthews, patrick woodroffe, tolkien, siudmak, dali, tim burton, howe, ciruelo, music also from thomas bergersen and especially mike oldfield.

What tools do you use to create your wonderful images?

Aerodreams: I use the Poser 11 Pro, daz studio 4.12 Pro software for the characters and sets (I'm an absolute fan of 1971's, powerage, smay and nursoda) and licensed creator mind view for them compositions of my scenes, lighting, cameras and of course rendered then postwork in Photoshop to break, erase the too 3d side in order to transform my scene into an illustration, often I integrate my 3d characters in background images like those of kuzmich that I have adore or reworked landscape photos with a long colorimetry work in Photoshop

What are you working on now? What future projects do you have in mind?

Aerodreams: I am currently working on a fantastic steampunk canvas with airbrushing for the next international airbrush fair in Rosmalen (Holland) being now known internationally, my level allowing me. the date of my retirement approaching, I will finally be able to have this time, time for me to paint my digital drawings on large canvases to achieve the goal: to paint my dreams. Here I would like to thank the whole renderosity team, thank you again for this unexpected appointment which will undoubtedly push me forward and give me the strength to always go further.

Be sure to visit aerodreams gallery for more work by this very imaginative artist.


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