Gallery of the Week - COLLAGE Gallery

Aug 10, 2020 at 12:00 am by gToon


My Sweet Girl by figharo

The Collage Gallery

is our choice for the Gallery of the Week, Aug 10, 2020. Collage is one of the great art forms of the 20th century. It is especially suited to the digital age as it is very easy to cut and paste images together in apps like Photoshop.

Although this gallery is small there is some very interesting work being posted. Artists like UteBigSmile and dberryart post regularly to the gallery. And their work is great!

Be sure to visit the Collage Gallery to see more interesting work by talented collage artists.

The Gallery of the Week Artists

Here are works we've chosen from the Collage Gallery. Click the artists name to see more of their work. And check the video above.

The Walk by dberryart

Momentairy Laps Of Reason by grrrduhbear

The shower by corvair42

Let the Music play on - 4 U All by UteBigSmile

A Visual Study of Silent Ghosts by Chipka

Kintsugi Words by AnAardvark

Playing brown by rayag

Secret gathering by moat

Circus Life by Xantipa

Old Fashioned Portrait by treasureprints


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