Winners announced in Classic Art Contest

Jul 09, 2020 at 12:00 am by SchelleFire

2020 Classic Art Contest

We recently asked the community to recreate a classic work of art from any period in art history, or create a scene inspired by a classic work of art.

The historic periods to choose from were:
Prehistoric Art (2.5 Million-500 B.C.E.)
Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (31st century B.C.-4th century A.D.)
Ancient Greek Art and Architecture (10th-1st centuries B.C.E.)
Ancient Roman Art and Architecture (509 B.C.E.-330 C.E.)
Byzantine (330–1453)
Romanesque (1000s–1200s)
Gothic (mid-12th century–16th century)
Renaissance (1300s–1600s)
Baroque (1600–1750)
Romanticism (late 1700s–mid 1800s)
Realism (late 1800s–early 1900s)
Impressionism (late 1800s)
Cubism (early 1900s)
Expressionism (early 1900s)
Modern Art (1860s–1970s)
Surrealism (1920s–1940s)

The contest ran through June and the Renderosity community voted on the entries. You can find all the entries here. And the winners are …

First Place

Entry #18 by neo-the-chosen


Second Place

Entry #39 by HraHakkarainen


Third Place

Entry #4 by moebiustraveller


More contests can be found in our Community section.


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