Artist of the Month for November, 2018 - RedPhantom

Nov 01, 2018 at 10:44 am by gToon

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OBW Part 38: Trouble in Yotuiy by RedPhantom

The Artist of the Month for November, 2018 is


November voting for the Artist of the Month was unusual in that we had nominated artist who was discovered to be ineligible and another artist dropped out for personal reasons. We apologize for any confusion this may have created. At the time our nominated artist dropped out, RedPhantom had the highest amount of votes.

We congratulate RedPhantom, who hails from the Writers Gallery, for being voted Artist of the Month. Here is a selection from her bio:

I like using PSP and Poser, doing crafts, writing stories, collecting and making miniatures, refinishing furniture, gardening, and playing on my computer. Anything done on a computer is playing to me. I work part time doing bookwork for a farm and am the mother of a teenager. Does anyone know how to upgrade to the 36 hour day?

The Phantom was a bicycle popular in the 1950's it came in red, green and black.

RedPhantom has an active gallery with many stories and story series posted along with accompanying artworks. Please visit her gallery. We are in the process of conducting a short interview and a video/reading from her works.

Beauty... by RedPhantom

Visit RedPhantom's gallery to discover more of this talented artist's work.


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