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Vendor of the Month for September, 2018 is


Our September Vendor of the Month is a stylish artist who specializes in digital fashion and 3D figure assets and props. With over 600 items in her marketplace, Nirvy has an eye for detail and for creating imaginative clothing, assessories and props.

We are sharing with you a short interview with Nirvy along with a video gallery of 12 of this vendors selected works. Our thanks to Nirvy for taking the time to talk with us and we congratulate her on being chosen Vendor of the Month for September, 2018

Buttercup Dress by Nirvy

Interview with September Vendor of the Month - Nirvy.

Renderosity: Tell our readers about your background: how did you get involved in creating digital art?

Nirvy: By accident actually. In 2003 I thought a friend of mine would like Poser when I saw it on the web. He didn't but it got me interested so with the help of an artist friend I learned and I've been hooked on digital art ever since.

You have a great store! Where do you get your design ideas?

Nirvy: My imagination mostly and what I like.

I do search the web for the latest fashions and sometimes adapt my ideas to them or I just start modeling and see where it goes.

What is the typical workflow on one of your store offerings?

Nirvy: I model in Marvelous Designer, take the model into Modo to change, adjust or fix whatever is required.

I check that the model fits my figures properly in DAZ Studio then I use UV layout to make the uv maps but doing this I need to keep in mind dforce and my "like life" morphs because the editing of the uv texture will need to be specific for my windy and undress morphs to work properly.

At this point I go into DS and start optimizing the FBMs and PBMs of my model which I export to ZBrush.

There I adjust what needs adjusting for each G3F and G8F body morph to be optimized, return to DS to make sure they are good to go and save them.

Next step is making the to floor, hang, undress and windy morphs and test which surface preset suits them best with dforce.

This can take from days to weeks.

A lot of testing follows and then the textures, MAT Presets and after that the packaging begins and the promotional images.

It's a pretty long process to finish a "like life" product but I enjoy doing it.

# dforce Oh So Hot Jumper by Nirvy

Do you have any favorites among your works?

Nirvy: Yes, definitely! I really love the Buttercup Dress, the OH SO HOT Jumper, the Long & Sexy Summer Dress and Santa's Teddy Lingerie.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your work as an artist?

Nirvy: Renderosity has made a huge difference. This is where I started as an artist and as a vendor in 2003. A lot of great people around here and amazing artists.

Many have helped me and inspired me throughout the years.

Any words of advice for those considering selling at Renderosity?

Nirvy: Advice? Not really.

I've been here 15 years. I've had stores elsewhere but IMO Renderosity is the best place to sell at. The whole Team is fantastic and extremely helpful.

It's like being part of a huge family.

Nirvy's Video Gallery

Please visit Nirvy's store to see more of this artists stylish and imaginative work.


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