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Vendor of the Month for August, 2018 is


Our August, 2018, Vendor of the Month is a highly skilled artist who specializes in 3D models and architecture. He has over 145 items for sale in his Renderosity marketplace store. TruForm emphasizes detail and clean lines in all of his work. His architecture, in particular, stand out among marketplace offering.s

We are sharing with you a short interview with TruForm along with a video gallery of 12 of this vendors selected works. Our thanks to TruForm for taking the time to talk with us and we congratulate him on being chosen Vendor of the Month for August, 2018

Modern Office

Interview with August Vendor of the Month - TruForm.

Renderosity: How did you get involved in creating digital assets?

TruForm: It started out when I got Daz Studio 2 and made the same scene with the included content (a fairy scene with Victoria 3). There's only so many ways you can use a set which got me into learning 3D to create my own content and expand my library. You can actually check out my gallery as I've left my early designs up. Once the models were decent enough to share I gave them as freebies and then branched off to becoming a vendor when the popularity started growing.

What is your goal in starting a project?

TruForm: To make it as realistic as possible. Thanks to the advancements of both Daz Studio and Poser's renderers my goal is made easier and one can make a good looking scene pretty quickly. But also, when working with rooms or scenes, I look at it from a 'just moved in' point of view where it has more than a showroom but less than an untidy mess! A neat but lived in area basically. With transport models the aim is just make them look cool when rendered, and of course realistic too.

What is the typical workflow on a project?

TruForm: First I get image references to get a clear vision of the area I'm working on, which is always the basis. If it's a scene, decide on the boundaries of the room(s) and if a transport model then I get the exterior references. Once those are in place and built, filling it up is a matter of matching the room to a common design style and not straying too far from a certain range of colours. For transport it means trying to match what's happening inside based on what references I can find. The buttons on the car can sometimes be a real challenge to see!

Camro Car

How has Renderosity made a difference in your work as a vendor?

TruForm: Being a vendor makes a massive difference than just being an artist. It puts you on a sure road to improve! When I make something and put it out there the feedback that buyers give, suggestions and tips all help to push me further. Some things I will still need to work on and am aware of but that driving force behind it definitely comes from the Renderosity community. So I send out a BIG thank you to everyone out there and keep your feedback coming! I've learnt quite a few things along the way and trust I'll continue to.

Any advice for those just starting out as a Renderosity vendor?

TruForm: Don't be afraid to put your work out there. Sometimes you may think it's not good enough or no one will be interested but I've learnt that there is always at least 1 person who will like what you create and that will also give you an incentive to do better next time. Improvement comes with practise too. So as you create more you'll get better. The customers will definitely help you there. Also focus on rendering, it plays a big role. ;)

TruForm Video Gallery

Please visit TruForm's store to see more of this artists remarkable work.


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