Video Gallery & Interview with July AOM Rikomortis

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Artist of the Month for July:


rikomortis is into horror big time. One glance at his energetic gallery and you'll see what I mean. The old Tales From the Crypt comics inspired him and once he found Poser, well, it was a match made in hell. Riko also loves death/heavy metal music which fits the creepy and often violent scenes he creates. He's got a great sense of style and knows how to create atmosphere that puts a knot in your stomach.

rikomortis was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to chat with us about his work and goals as an artist. I want to thank him for putting this interview together.

Be sure to watch the video gallery of 12 of rikomortis's gallery works. And if you have the time stop by his gallery which will definitely spook you!


Interview with Artist of the Month - rikomortis

Renderosity: You have a very distinctive style in your work. How has your work evolved over the years?

rikomortis: First off, It is a huge honor to become AOM for July. Makes for a Nice Birthday Gift. My first taste of drawing comes from my mother. When I was very young She would sketch little rabits and birds as I watched in complete amazment. I would try to mimic the lines but i remember getting really frustrated. A bit Later in life my sister started getting into drawing and began taking Art classes in high school. So at this point I was hooked, tracing comics, drawing cartoon characters, and such. High school came and I took 3 years of art with a great teacher, Ms. Lucia . While her passion and talent for painting and teaching was great, We never really saw eye to eye on my subject matter. At that time Guitars, metal music and Girls fueled my visions. After graduation, The art fell to the wayside of work and adult life. But I would still Draw from time to time. Fast Forward to the age Of the The PC and exposure to a explosion of Artwork from people around the world wide web I began to feel the itch again . When I first found out about Poser I thought, Holy Cow the possibilities are endless.r

Horror is a major theme in your gallery of work. What is it about horror imagery that interests you so much?

rikomortis: My love for horror also came from Family at a young age. My older brothers would Have a few Tales from the Crypt comics lying around . I remember staring at the pages for hours, mesmorized by the art and stories. Saturday afternoons we had a horror movie Host on a philladelphia tv chanel named DR. Shock . He would show old B/W horror movies. I can remember I would strap on my Halloween mask and watch so i could pretend i was one of "them" . later in life, heavy metal music turned into Hair metal, then muscians tired of bands with lipstick and eyeliner, and Thrash and Death Metal were Born. The nickname Rikomortis was giving to me by a guitarist and singer of a Local thrash Band I was commishioned to do the cover Artwork for their demo. Soon after I found My self Playing Guitar and writing Lyrics in a Death Metal Band . The Horror thing just seemed to fit.

Flash of the Blade by rikomortis

One of my favorites in your gallery is Flash of the Blade. Can you tell us how you created this awesome image?

rikomortis: The image flash of the blade was Created in poser 11 using products from the master couple of Horror Mortemvetus As well as Ile-Avalon . I tend to combine many props and figures from different content artist .I usually Start with a Character. Then Creepy setting, Crazy Perspective Camera View a Bit of Depth of field. Then it's off to post work for the Personalized make it mine sort of thing .

You primarily use Poser, right? What is your general workflow when creating something in Poser?

rikomortis: I use Corel Paint shop Pro 2018. I also Like To use Ron's Brush packs to add Blood water, Particles etc. Post work shop and Corel Painter are also Used Often .

-Black Metal by rikomortis

You've been a member of Rendo since 2005. How has Renderosity impacted you and your work?

rikomortis: Renderosity has Been a Huge factor in Keeping me motivated with all of it's great Content in the market place, Tutorials, Top Notch Staff, and last but not least it's Wonderful and helpful talented group of Members . It has giving me a Platform to show my works, and encouragement and inspiration to learn new things.

Have you ever thought of doing covers for horror novels? Your work is so great it would be a perfect fit.

rikomortis: I consider My art a Hobby, but the idea of my Work on a book cover or movie poster does put a smile on my face.

Any advice for young artists looking to create horror?

rikomortis: My advice to anyone choosing the darker side of Art is to creep yourself out with as much of your imagination as possible. Thanks again for the Honor. Riko

XTC by rikomortis

Please visit rikomortis's gallery to see more of this excellent artist's excellent work.


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