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The Member of the Month for July, 2018, is


my name is kratzdistel and I'm 3D-addicted. ;-)

This 3D-addicted Renderosity member joined in 2009. She lives in Germany and digital art is a passion for her. One quick look in her gallery and you'll sh's quite skilled. Blender and Silo are her tools of choice.

Kratzdistel is the kind of member who runs under the rader and we are very happy to bring her work to your attendion as our July member of the month. Please visit his gallery and perhaps start up a conversation!

Interview with Member of the Month - Kratzdistel

Tell us a little about yourself: who is kratzdistel?

Kratzdistel: I live in Germany and work in an engineering company for wind tunnels and fluid engineering. I'm not an engineer, but I really like everything with technic, software and IT (even studied IT for some semesters). One day I recognized a software named Bryce, I opened it, was very confused - and closed it. Think that's a common experience many people have with their first approach to 3D. ;)

Apartment WIP

Nevertheless, I was curious what I can create with DAZ Studio, Poser etc. After a while I wanted to create my own content, I modeled my first props in Hexagon and switched later to Blender. Since 2008 I'm using Blender now, I learned it with the help of books, DVDs, video tutorials, everything I could catch. Blender, Poser, DAZ Studio give me the possibility to be creative and to generate whatever comes in my mind - e.g. new furniture designs. I love "clean" modeling - and hope that this is reflected in my models.

how long have you been a renderosity member and what has the experience been like?

Kratzdistel: I'm a Renderosity member for more than 9 years now, first only as a shopper, later I tried to sell some of my props, but that's almost 7 years ago. Cause I do not have much spare time beside of family, job, a honorary office in a club, I cannot make props in a constant way so I decided to give away what I modeled as freebies from time to time. And I love that Renderosity offers an easy way to upload free stuff so that a great community can make a use of it.

Because my main software is Blender I open the Blender forum every time I'm at Renderosity, although I'm only a lurker. Unfortunately I'm not a very active gallery user but I know resp. follow some artists and I like all of their images


Be sure to visit Kratzdistel to see more of this fun loving artist's work and say "hello" next time you meet him in the forums!


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