Artist of the Month for July is Rikomortis

Jul 01, 2018 at 10:31 pm by gToon

?kordouane AOM

Flash of the Blade by Rikomortis

The Artist of the Month for July, 2018 is


Rikomortis is a long-time Renderosity member having joined in 2005. His work is squarely in the horro genre. The images he creates are bold and imaginative. He also likes heavy metal music which also features prominently in his visual creations. He has well over 100 followers and is actively posting new work to creep you out.

We congratulate Rikomortis on winning the AOM for July. He's got a great gallery of many strange and arresting images. Please stop by and take a look. We'll be posting a short interview with Rikomortis along with a video of 12 of his awesome gallery works.

Ooze by Rikomortis

Visit Rikomortis' gallery to discover more of this crazy talented artist's work.


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