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Vendor of the Month for June, 2018 is


Our June, 2018, Vendor of the Month is the talented artist and several-time VOM winner, Rhiannon. She is a veteran member of Renderosity having joined in 2000. Rhiannon has over 2,000 followers which, after browsing through her impressive store and gallery, is easy to understand. Her work is carefully crafted and full of feeling. Her female figures are alluring and mysterious and the clothing she creates is perfectly textured.

Rhiannon's gallery is also a treat. She is particularly skilled in creating the faerie world with its lush green and browns. We love her female warriors, too. Her whole gallery is a marvel of figures and landscapes all done in a unique style that only Rhiannon has. We congratulate Rhiannon on her winning the June Vendor of the Month.

We are sharing excerpts of a short interview with Rhiannon along with a video gallery of 12 of her store items (see below). Our congratulations to this talented and popular vendor - Rhiannon!

Jorja for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

Interview with June Vendor of the Month - Rhiannon.

Do you primarily work with Poser or Daz? Or both?

Rhiannon: For the last several years I’ve been working primarily in Daz Studio and with the Genesis figures. It took some time for me to be comfortable with the program, but once I dug in, I realized that the capabilities of the Daz Studio program and the Genesis figures are truly outstanding. Daz Studio in particular is very “content development friendly.”

Can you give us an idea of the typical workflow on a project?

Rhiannon: For clothing packs, the first step is to visualize the end result … the theme, the whole energy and feel of it. I look at trends in the movies and video games, other fantasy art, etc. I also look around the marketplace to see if there any similar products. Of course, it always helps to look at past successes, in order to gauge what is likely to sell well. Lately I’ve taken a break from making large, fantasy themed packs … I have to mix it up from time-to-time in order to break the monotony and reboot my inspiration.

Country Fresh for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

When working on new characters, I usually begin by choosing the skin I want for the textures, and then gather the resources I need, i.e. photos, resource packs, etc. I don’t usually begin working on a morph until the skin textures are done. Then it’s just a matter of getting that perfect face and body done and moving on to the extras she might inspire.

How has Renderosity made a difference in your work as an artist?

Rhiannon: Renderosity has been my home for 17 years now. I honestly don’t think I would be doing what do today, without Renderosity and all the dear friends that I have made here over the years. This place is such a diverse blend of talent, creativity, inspiration, passion, and so many other things, and I am grateful to be a part of it. Most of all, I want to thank all my customers, your support means so much, and I hope I can continue to inspire your creativities and passions as well.

Rhiannon Video Gallery

Please visit Rhiannonstore to see more of this artists remarkable work.


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