Interview with June Artist of the Month - kordouane

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Artisit of the Month for June:


Kordouane creates lovely and alluring 3D female figures along with nature/street photography and mixed media projects. There is a grace and classiness to her work that makes it stand out. She poses her characters with a sense of naturalness and realism. And her photographs all have a sense of whimsey to them. She is an artist with style and perhaps a touch of mystery. I love how her devil portrait (see above) has devil facing away, so we can't see what the demon is thinking. A very nice touch.

Kordouane was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to chat with us about her work, her life story and her goals as an artist. I want to thank her for being so honest and frank in answering my questions.

Be sure to watch the video gallery of 11 of kordouane's gallery works. And if you have the time stop by her gallery which is filled with lovely imagery and characters.

-kordouane (monique)

Interview with Artist of the Month - kordouane

Renderosity: You are such a productive artist, kordouane! Both in your Renderosity gallery and on your home website you have hundreds of creations? What drives you to create so many interesting images and photographs?

kordouane: Hello, What a wonderful and pleasant surprise when I read this morning. It's an honor for me. I have two favorite images but there is one (Natalie) has some nudity:

The other one (Red Glamour) you can see below:

What drives me to create so many images : I've always been a bulimic at work, having been recognized as a hyperactive child. Then it's the pain, for 30 years I have a bone degeneration on most joints, I suffer permanently and I am no longer entitled to any medication where then very powerful to which one becomes very dependent, except I refuse myself that and I like to have clear ideas.

I know you live in France, but can you expand more on your background and life for our readers?

kordouane: I was born on April 21, 1956 in Bordeaux (France), I started playing piano at the age of 4, my grandmother was a piano teacher. Around the age of 7 the teachers realized that I had a gift for drawing. But no teacher wanted to teach me because I used both my hands (in France at that time, it was not admissible). I wanted to be a beautician - a nurse in a psychiatric hospital to help people feel better about themselves, I got my beautician diploma, which was taken back a few days later because it was recognized as dangerous for me to use both my hands. My first profession: Commercial, a profession I had to give up because of my bone problems. I converted: Accounting secretary, I hate numbers. On January 31, 2013, I was fired because I became too slow, not to sink into depression, I looked for what would really please me and challenge myself.

-Fontevraud Abbey - the cloister 3 by kordouane

Did you train as a digital artist or are you self taught?

kordouane: On February 01, 2013, I downloaded DazStudio out of curiosity, difficult to understand everything with the little school English, but when I decided something, I go all the way. I found very little information in French and so I fought and worked hard, I have not yet quite reached the level I want to reach but I am getting closer. So I am self-taught in digital art.

You have such a skill in creating beautiful and provocative female characters. What inspires you to create such alluring women?

kordouane: What inspires me to create attractive female characters, I think it comes from the frustration of not having been able to practice the profession I had chosen (beautician). 3D makes it possible to create characters who are not living beings and therefore who can be ugly, ordinary, or then try to achieve plastic perfection. That's why I almost never use ready-made morphologies but modify them according to my inspiration.

-Gothic Portrait by kordouane

This is a selfish question, I know, but can you tell me how you created Gothic Portrait. It's one of my favorites in your gallery?

kordouane: This is FWHP Eris HD for Genesis 8 Female (Daz3D) with a personal morph MRL Gem Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female (Daz3D) The dress: Stylish zipper Pretty3D For people trying to learn Daz Studio: Before they start that they watch all the tutorials available on Daz3D and Youtube, now you can find them in almost all languages and that they register on Renderosity for example to communicate with other people. I trained 4 French speaking people on DazStudio. 3D learns patience and humility, if we want to succeed.

Any last thoughts you'd like to share before we close?

kordouane: I have been retired since May 01 of this year and my other pleasure is photography, especially animals and architectural heritage, which I share with my husband (Patrick). I also have a blog that lists all our escapades

An anecdote also about my pseudo "Kordouane" which comes from the lighthouse of Cordouan called "the lighthouse of kings" (I spent all the summer holidays in front of this beautiful building until my 30th birthday) The pictures are not very good that's why I don't publish them on Renderosity. This year, all the best photos that we will make will be published exclusively on Renderosity, I find much more pleasure to share with people who at least write nice little words and who make me discover places and things I do not know.

Good end of day to you and thank you again, you have been a ray of sunshine to me today. With kind regards Monique

(Note: Monique used the to translate my English to her French for this interview.Thank you, Monique!)

-Heliconius hecale by kordouane

Please visit kordouane's gallery to see more of her excellent work.


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