Artist of the Month for June, 2018 - Kordouane

May 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm by gToon

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Gothic Portrait by Kordouane

The Artist of the Month for June, 2018 is


Kordouane is a female digital artist from France. Here gallery is large and diverse with many pages of Daz Studio portraits/scenes and photography from her travels. She has nearly 100 followers and thousands of likes for her many works. She specializes in portraits of all kinds of women. In fact, the range of her depictions of women from feminine to warrior, is quite impressive.

We congratulate Kordouane on her winning the AOM for June. She has a lovely gallery with lots of beautiful digital artworks. Please stop by and take a look. We'll be posting a short interview with Kordouane along with a video of 12 of her gallery works.

Beautiful Eyes by Kordouane

Visit Kordouane's gallery to discover more of this artist's work.


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