VOM Sveva Shares Her Creative Techniques

May 24, 2018 at 11:47 pm by gToon


The Vendor of the Month for May, 2018 is


Our vendor of the month for May, 2018, is the multi-awarding winning Sveva. This talented artist/vendor creates some of the best digital art and media at Renderosity. She consistently surprises with her choice of subjects and impresses with the quality of her work. Simply put she is among our top Renderosity vendors.

She's also a very nice person who manages a home life as well as her work as an artist/vendor.

Since we've already shared several interviews with Sveva, we decided to ask her to share some of her working methods. She chose several products in her store and elaborates on the process of creating each item and shares some of her observations.

Also, at the bottom of the article you'll find a short video which highlights 10 of her creations both from her store and her gallery.

Sveva's Creative Techniques

Thank you for the Vendor of the Month award for May 2018! I am glad that people enjoy my work and content I have to offer.

I have picked a few products to highlight that I personally enjoyed making, and put a lot of work into. So lets talk about those!

The first one is SVs COLOR Splash Iray Lights – it's a newer product – and also one of my favorites because the promotional images were so much fun to make.

I enjoy rendering promo images, I enjoyed very much setting up the colors for this set. This was also the second set of lights that I had included some one click “Bloom” filter settings for rendering. It is a large set of lights dedicated completely to color! (ok ok there IS a couple colorless options!) with the included 26 Iray Lights and the 36 Iray Rim Lights, PLUS the addition of 12 HDR Images you can get just about any look you want. I also included a mini tutorial with some of the most common lighting questions/solutions. This set is very versatile.

I love working with a lot of color and things that glow, so of course a good set of lights that goes along with these is SVs GLOW Iray Lights, this set includes double the amount of “Bloom” filters with endless possibilities of mixing and matching to get exactly what you want. These are two of my favorite sets that I myself use on a daily basis, and of course they can be mixed and matched with virtually any other set, especially with the other sets in my store.

When I begin to make a light set I start with something basic, usually a 3 light set up, I need this colorless neutral set to “build” the other 20 or so light sets from, each one is different and no two are a like, there may be subtle differences but they are all unique, and they can all be customized very easily. I always like to use an HDR Image, and then supplement it with my Iray lights, in my opinion this helps bring out the skin/eyes/details of a character/clothing and makes a render more interesting. Lighting has become one of my favorite types of content to work on. Illuminating characters and scenes for me is a lot of fun.

You can check out SVs GLOW & SVs COLOR Splash lighting below, and for other light sets be sure to check my shop!

One of my most favorite products is also my Tianna Wings! These took me quite a while to make, and were constantly put on the “back burner” while I moved to other projects and then back again. (yes of course I do that a lot! LOL!) When I finally had more time to really sit down with what I had already begun modeling there was much trial and error, much deleting and going back 10, 20, or more steps, much time spent trying to get what I wanted. The project had been sitting on my desktop for months waiting for me, just as other projects are now, so many unfinished items I look forward to wrapping up.

As for the Tianna Wings it felt like a taught myself a lot I didn't know just by making them. I always find that sitting down with a program and pushing your limits is the best way to learn it, just jump right in and try to make whatever you want, I seem to always learn new things. I am all self-taught, sure I have asked friends questions, and of course I look up things when I am “stuck” but I have taught myself everything and so taking on these wings was a bit of a task because although I had made wings before, I wanted these to be so much better. Of course I don't think they are perfect, we are all our worst critics, but I love the way they came out in the end, and I see them being used all the time, nearly every day, on fairies throughout the 3D community and that is what I like to see, that says to me “that work was worth it!”

So I hope you also enjoy the Tianna Wings, and of course some accessories have been intended for quite some time now, but I can't say when the accessories will be done, just that they are “in the works” for Tianna's Wings, and I hope to finish them this year.

Be sure to check out the wings below, the promotional images were a lot of fun to make for this product as well!

Another type of product/project I enjoy working on is jewelry. Perhaps that comes from my love of jewelry, or that I sometimes make jewelry/crafts in my spare time (I don't get a whole lot of that!) and I used to work in a very fun art gallery/bead store where I also made and sold some of my jewelry creations. I really enjoy making hoop earrings! I enjoy other types of earrings as well and the occasional necklace, but earrings come easily to me, well ok, and circlets! Circlets seem to come quite easy to me as well. I love to adorn a character with earrings and pretty head ornaments. I find modeling these types of items to be relaxing, and a lot of “hand” work twisting and turning this and that.

My favorite jewelry products in my store right now are probably SV's Chunky Hoop Earrings, (G3F, but also fit G8F with very little tweaking), and SV's Divinity Circlets, oh they were so much fun to make, really, I was quite pleased with the way these came out and I also hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!

Please be sure to check out these thwo jewelry products below!

But there is more to me than just content creation, as you can see I keep myself extremely busy, between my kids/husband, and my “work” I have my garden, and what I like to call our “micro farm” (chickens, quail, we are currently breeding the quail as well) I rarely get a moment to spare! When I do get some time to myself or some free time, I love to read psychological thriller novels, and play video games, that is if I am not outside in the garden with the chickens or running the kids to and from school. I fit a lot into the hours of each day, I am excited that summer will soon be here and we can all have a break from the school routine, which means I get more time to work late at night while everyone is sleeping, it's quite peaceful to work at that time of night for me, so I look forward to the schedule change and not getting up every morning at 6:45am!

Thank you all for your support and kind words over the years, I hope to bring you much much more 3D and 2D content you can use in your beautiful artworks and imaginations. Thank you also to my awesome partner and great friend “Lilflame” who I love working with and be sure to check out her clothing as almost all of my add ons are for her items! Thanks to my close friends Pam, Naomi, Jenn, you guys are the best! I absolutely love uploading and brokering with Renderosity as it is home to me.

Have a wonderful summer!

Be sure to visit Sveva's store to view all of the wonderful creations she has for sale.

This video features 10 hand-picked items from Sveva's Renderosity store and gallery.


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