Video Gallery of May's Artist of the Month - la-du-lin

May 14, 2018 at 11:57 pm by gToon


Video gallery of May's Artist of the Month


As we mentioned in our announcement, la-du-lin has been a member of renderosity for over 16 years. This extremely talented artists lives in Germany and is a specialist in fractal art. Renderosity members voted la-du-lin the May artist of the month by a very wide margin. If you spend any time in this artist's extensive gallery you'll see why: his work is meticulous and often very beautiful.

We have put together a Video gallery of 15 of la-du-lins works that we feel best reflects this talented artists skill with fractal imagery. We'd also like to point out that la-du-lin shares his fractal formula with every image he creates. This enables other artists to experiment with variations of his creations. It's this kind of artist spirt that makes la-du-lin stand out as an artist.

Be sure to visit la-du-lin's gallery at


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