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The Member of the Month for April, 2018, is


SamTherapy is a long time member of Renderosity having joined in 2002. Here's what has to say in his bio:

Married to Claire, aka PurpleJelly, a not-currently-active member here. We have two children, Samuel and Ilona. Sam has recently been diagnosed with autism and Ilona appears to be pretty much the same but we're awaiting the outcome of further tests. We all share our house with nine (yes, nine!) cats. Good job it's a big house.

Due to the little ones, I don't spend as much time here as I used to, but I'm intending to spend more time working on my modelling and hopefully selling a few bits and pieces here. I have an extensive range of Dalek models available in Freestuff, and at least one other non-Dalek freebie. More freebies will be forthcoming as time allows, including - but not limited to - more Dalek stuff and perhaps the odd bit of scenery and general SF stuff.

Congratulations, SamTherapy, for being chosen as our Member of the Month for March, 2018! We appreciate your contributions to the Renderosity community.

Interview with SamTherapy

Renderosity: how long have you been a Renderosity member?

SamTherapy: I joined R'osity May 20, 2002, so almost 16 years ago. Time certainly flies by when you're having fun. :)

Why did you choose to join?

SamTherapy: I joined because, at the time, I was doing some R&D for a games company I was employed by - Infogrames/Atari - who were asking for a study into better 3D models for their soccer games. I hit on the idea of an "Indentikit/Photofit" system of varying eyes, noses, mouths, skin tones and so forth to produce more realistic and individual looking players. Another guy there pointed me towards Poser. I asked nicely and the boss bought me Poser 4 Pro Pack.

Wanting to know more about it, I used my Google Fu and found Renderosity. What drew me in, first of all was the friendly atmosphere (ok, there were fights here and there, it's undeniable) and the general sense of wanting to share the knowledge. Dr Geep ("geep" on the forum) had me hooked with his beautifully set out and funny tutorials. I knew I'd found somewhere good to be.

Loud As .... by SamTherapy

How does Renderosity impact your life as a creator?

SamTherapy: It's hard to say exactly how R'osity impacts into my life as a creator, because it's as much part of my daily life as just about anything else. I may not post to the galleries much these days but I still enjoy reading the forums, viewing stuff and getting ideas here and there. I like to help out, if possible, and if not, then give people the benefit of my dubious sense of humour. My main interest in 3D work these days is making models, although I have to confess I hate - really hate - rigging. It's not that I can't rig, it's just that I find it a real pain in the bottom, after I built the thing to then get it to work in Poser.

I haven't been very prolific recently, due to family responsibilities and a few health matters of my own. With luck and a strong wind, I'll be back to full speed any day now. Yeah, right. Seriously, though... I love to make things and, although I like to sell stuff now and again, I'm equally happy making Freestuff. Maybe if I ever become busy enough to make a living at this 3D malarkey, I may have to rethink my strategy but for now, I just do things every now and again.

Going Nowhere Fast by SamTherapy

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

PastorAI: My background is in "traditional" art. Basically, anything to do with pencils, pens, paint and all that stuff. I was a hobbyist for years; despite having a few decent qualifications, I never made the most of them. Eventually, I decided to use what abilities I had, instead of breaking my back to earn a living. Got a break in the early days of Computer Games here in the UK - Yup, I'm a Brit - and took it from there. Worked on the old 8 bit machines, moved up to the Amiga and ST, then PCs and console stuff. Left games some years ago and now just do my thing from home.

I'm married to Claire (PurpleJelly), an infrequent poster on Renderosity and we have two beautiful children, Samuel and Ilona. Ilona is named after Renderosity's very own artist and vendor, Ilona, for two reasons. One, as Claire said, "That is an absolutely beautiful name", and Two... she is a wonderful human being. We are extremely fortunate to count her as a good friend. Ilona (the artist, not my daughter) have worked together on a couple of things and maybe we'll repeat the experience in future.

Other stuff... I love music, mainly Bowie, and Killing Joke, I play guitar and sing.

We live in South Yorkshire, UK and we share our home with 9 cats.

One Fine Day On Skaro by SamTherapy

Be sure to visit SamTherapy to see more of his work and say "hello" next time you meet him in the forums!


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