Interview with Artist of the Month for March - Estevez

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Estevez is an educator living in Brazil. He's been a Renderosity member since 2001. Since then he has created a remarkable body of work in his gallery. He is a self-taught digital artist and based on the incredible landscapes he creates (primarily with application, Bryce) he did a very good job teaching himself.

Estevez took time out of his schedule to talk with us about his working methods and his experiences being a long-time member of Renderosity. Be sure to visit his gallery and discover this incredibly talented artists work.

Interview with Artist of the Month - Estevez

Renderosity: Sincere congratulations to you, Estevez. We just love your work with Bryce. Your work is so colorful and imaginative.

Estevez: Thank you, sincerely I am honored to be the artist of the month, even acknowledging that I am not currently a very frequent member of the site, I must say that Renderosity is very important to me because when I started to get interested in Digital Art in early 2001 I learned much seeing the works of talented artists, especially in Bryce. I saw the landscapes created by them and wondered if someday I could create beautiful scenes like those.

It's been 17 years now and I believe my landscapes have a bit of these artists. Some artists ask me why I'm still with Bryce because he's already outdated. I recognize this but I have a special affection for this program. Maybe, maybe I can start getting involved with Vue or Terragen but Bryce is in my heart and I'll never stop using it.

Digital art started for me just as a hobby, but currently also after a reasonable financial return, this way together the useful to pleasant.

How does a landscape or a scene start in your imagination? And how close is the finished work to what you imagined?

Estevez: Talking about the landscapes I create, I try to use atmospheres and atmospheres of fantasy especially when I see something in movies and bring these references to Bryce and let myself be carried by the imagination, I also try to leave them with a dramatic aspect through the colors and lighting of the scene.

My page at Shutterstock:

I also like to create abstracts in Bryce, Photoshop and Chaotica Fractal. I must say that in commercial terms the abstracts are more profitable and I am fortunate to be well accepted especially for the use of interior decoration.

You live in Rio de Janiero; how does living in this city affect your work?

Estevez: With regard to the city where I live unconsciously may have even some influence on my work but I really can not tell you what it would be, perhaps the use of more vivid and contrasting colors in this case would be the composition of abstracts. Maybe.

I noticed in the brief bio you mention you like to paint: are your painting different in style/subject that your digital work?

Estevez: With respect to traditional painting, it all started with the curiosity to see how it was working with paints, liked it, and when I have free time I do something, most often paint abstract with acrylic paint and oddly enough as this is not my specialty, I have already sold some reproductions of paintings I have made. I read somewhere that "life just is not enough, there has to be art".

Estevez Vido Gallery


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