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The Member of the Month for February, 2018, is


Ghostman has been a member of Renderosity since 2000. He is a "crazy guy from Sweden who many creates for fun". Well, that's good enough for us. Don't we all do it for fun? Ghostman is active in the community and creates some pretty cool images regularly.

Ghostman primarily uses Poser to create and dress models/scenes. His style varies wildly from realism to high contrast 2D. Suzi Moonbeam is a good example of the kind of fun Ghostman puts into his creations.

You can find many excellent examples of his creative talent in his gallery.

Congratulations, Ghostman, for being chosen as our Member of the Month for February, 2018!

Affection by Ghostman

Intervew with Ghostman

Renderosity: How did you find out about Renderosity and what has your experiences here been like?

Ghostman: It's almost 20 years ago that I became a member so not sure. By that time I was a member of PoserPro and 3DCommunity so probably by mouth to mouth on those sites when I looked for item to buy for Poser. My experience so far with Renderosity have been both good and bad. Mostly good I have to say. I'm not as active in the forum anymore though but trying to keep updated a couple of times a week. Renderosity was my first store that i became a vendor in and I still try to add products when I can.

You have a unique style in the gallerie, almost like illustrations. What are some of your working methods?

Ghostman: My main style is actually Realism but lately I've tried out some new filters with Photoshop that turns it more into illustrations. Usually my work method is that I start in poser and set up the scene and then I switch to Zbrush and make everything else that I need in the scene, like clothing, Terrain or environment, props. Anything that fill up the scene and fits the image I have in my head.

Do you have any artists that inspire you here on Renderosity?

No not really. I often go to Artstation, Zbrush Central or Polycount when I want to look for inspiration. I'm foremost a modeler at heart so that's were i take my inspiration from

Are you working on anything now?

At the moment I'm working mostly with making products for Erogenesis new figure Project Evolution. Doing several clothing packs together with Erogenesis and also some solo products. Not as much time that I would like to have to do art right now. Trying to squeeze it in more since that's what I like to do.

Suzi Moonbeam by Ghostman

Be sure to visit Ghostman to see more of his work! And check out the video below which features 10-hand picked images from ghostman's gallery.


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