Interview with January Vendor of the Month - Outoftouch

Jan 16, 2018 at 01:08 pm by gToon


Interview with January Vendor of the Month


Our vendor of the month for January, 2018, has been a Renderosity member since 2004. Since then, Outoftouch has become one of the most popular vendors on the site. With over 2100 followers and many vendor awards under their belt, Outoftouch is a vendor that OTHER vendors admire.

Outoftouch has over 1,000 items in their store for sale most of which are 3D assets like clothing, hair and add-ons. There are also over 300 3d models/props in Outoftouch's store. All of these items are hand-crafted and have that great sense of style you expect from Outoftouch.

Outoftouch took a few minutes out of her schedule to chat with us about her work and life. Congratulations to you, Outoftouch!

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Interview with Outoftouch

How did you originally get started in this career choice? What made you decide to become a vendor?

OutofTouch: It simply was one thing: curiosity! I'm always open to try out new stuff, I have always loved seeing 3D artwork and still feel very inspired by everything, every single day. Nowadays we can say: well where is something that doesn't have anything digital to it? The techniques are developing and I would say it is different today than 15 years back because it isn't so "exotic" or nerdy anymore. It was different back then when we found ourselves sitting in a cinema watching a 3D movie and thought: WOW! What is this!

Well what actually made me really get started in this career choice and sticking to 3D figure animation / rendering is that this has so many facettes to be creative, so many chances to grow. And while with other stuff in live I often feel bored very fast, this never bored me at all!

What is currently in your digital toolset, and what could you not do without?

OutofTouch: My current digital toolset includes DAZ Studio, Poser, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and ZBrush. Actually thinking about it now, I have often tried out other software, but I always come back to these. Except DAZ Studio, the other software is in my toolset for years. However over the past 2 years I have learned to simply love DAZ Studio. I think among these 5 softwares I could not do without it anymore.

OOT PBR Texture Styles for Princess Ensemble by Outoftouch

Please visit Outoftouch's store to see more excellent work.


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